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Man charged with burglary following Dekalb break-in

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Anyone who has attempted to describe a person’s face after meeting him or her for the first time likely knows how difficult it is to provide an accurate description. When the describer is under stress and likely in a dark or poorly lit room, the accuracy of that description could be called into question. A man in Dekalb has been arrested and charged with burglary based on details created in a sketch of a suspect.

The incident that led to the man’s arrest happened in March. According to reports, a man cut the power to a woman’s house before entering it. She claims he began touching himself in the room she shared with her young son while she slept.

The woman says that her main concern was protecting her son so she grabbed a chair and started pushing the man out of the house. She reportedly provided details to a sketch artist, and a police officer claims she noticed similarities between the sketch and someone she had arrested previously. That person was taken into custody and now faces charges of violating the peeping Tom act and burglary.

The woman’s experience, if it occurred as described, was likely terrifying. However, since there was no power to the house, and likely no light, it may have been difficult to fully see the person in her home. It is unclear if there is any physical evidence that connects the man to the alleged Dekalb burglary. The defendant may choose to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help him examine the evidence in the case and formulate the most appropriate response to the charges he faces.

Source: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, “Arrest made after woman wakes up and finds man in her DeKalb bedroom“, Lauren Foreman, March 21, 2018


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