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10 in Georgia face drug charges following investigation

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Drug Charges |

When drug use is relatively prevalent in an area, law enforcement officials — both local and federal — are often desperate to show that they are making progress in the war against drugs. While the desire to get illegal drugs off the streets is understandable, that desire often outweighs the need for evidence to support criminal charges. Unfortunately, 10 people in Georgia now face drug charges due to arrests allegedly made in connection to a drug trafficking operation.

Officials say that local officials as well as those with the Drug Enforcement Administration began an investigation in July 2017 against one of the people recently arrested and his associates. Reports regarding the incident did not clarify what prompted the investigation. However, officials claim that the investigation involved a methamphetamine trafficking operation.

Officials claim that those involved in the ring smuggled the drugs from Mexico into the United States. The drugs, according to police, were in liquid form and often hid in items such as fire extinguishers. According to officials, the defendants converted liquid methamphetamine into crystals in stash houses and labs. Those arrested face a variety of accusations, ranging from drug and gun crimes to immigration charges.

Unfortunately, those in Georgia facing drug charges, among others, may be unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, leaving them at a disadvantage. Without such knowledge, they are likely unable to recognize and respond to unlawful treatment in addition to being unsure of their legal options. As a result, they may choose to seek assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help them respond to the charges they are facing.

Source: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, “Feds: 10 indicted after meth from Mexico found in DeKalb, Gwinnett“, Joshua Sharpe, April 6, 2018


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