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Former NBA player charged with Georgia robbery

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

When a crime occurs, especially one that garners media attention, there is often a rush to assign blame and file criminal charges. Unfortunately, this haste can often lead to arrests that are made even if there is not sufficient evidence to support them. In fact, it is unclear what evidence led police to former NBA player James “J.J.” Hickson, Jr., prior to his arrest for his alleged involvement in a Georgia robbery.

The incident that led to Hickson’s arrest reportedly happened one morning on a day in mid-June. Police say that the former basketball player entered into a Georgia home through a side door. He then, allegedly, attacked a 17-year-old in the home before stealing $100,000.

Police claim that two other people were involved in the incident; however, Hickson was the only one charged in the weeks after the incident. It is unclear how Hickson may have been connected to the alleged victim, but he reportedly lives 60 miles away. The teenager is said to have suffered a broken nose.

In addition to robbery with a knife, he was also charged with home invasion and aggravated assault. Regardless of claims made by police, a person is considered not guilty unless proved otherwise. The burden of proof required in criminal court is purposefully set high to avoid wrongful convictions and is sometimes difficult for Georgia prosecutors to meet. Because of the serious accusations against him, Hickson may opt to ask an experienced attorney to advise him regarding the case against him.


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