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Georgia teacher facing fraud charges fired

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

When it comes to managing the money of an organization, there often may be multiple people who are in charge of it. This could make it difficult to account for how that money is being spent. Unfortunately, a teacher in Georgia, accused of fraud, was recently fired from his position as a result of the criminal charges against him.

The man’s arrest stemmed from an anonymous complaint made in May 2017. According to reports, both the tipster and the teacher were members of a local teachers’ association; the accused man served as the president. The tipster claimed that over $66,000 was stolen from the organization, and either the president or the treasurer may have been responsible.

As a result of the investigation, the teacher who reportedly served as president faces multiple counts of financial card fraud. He is accused of using the association’s funds to pay for vehicle rentals, airline tickets, hotels and restaurants. Recently, the school board of the district that employed the man voted to terminate his contract, effective immediately, despite an online petition signed by almost 500 people requesting that he not lose his job.

Unfortunately, there are many more stressors in this Georgia man’s life that are potentially more devastating than the loss of his job as a result of the fraud charges. Accusations involving white collar crimes are often complex, making it difficult for those without formal legal training to fully understand them. In order to determine an appropriate response to the charges, the man may require assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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