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Your criminal activity may stop you from working with children

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You have a criminal record for crimes you committed in your younger years. Though, at the time, the punishments and penalties seemed minuscule, you now realize that you may not have the ability to apply for your dream position as a caretaker of children.

Criminal activity affects some job applicants from receiving a second look. Though you may possess the aptitude and experience for the position, your passionate attitude may not be enough for your potential employer to look past your transgressions with the law. It proves important to speak with an attorney about expungements in Georgia, but if you cannot remove your charges from your record, you may want to consider different career paths.

Childcare among the strictest career

For the most innocent members of the society, protection from criminal activity is required. If you have a criminal record, you may not have the ability to legally hold a job in the following careers.

  • Daycare workers
  • Foster care
  • Schools
  • Youth development
  • Volunteer programs

Because the United States Department of Justice determines that children’s vulnerable development requires adult workers that offer strict protection, your criminal record may block you from participating in jobs surrounding children’s activities. If you have a criminal record dealing with the following charges, you may not have the ability to work with children.

  • Child abuse
  • Child endangerment
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex offenses
  • Drug-related charges
  • Alcohol-related charges
  • Felonies

Although your charges occurred many years ago, the court maintains protection of children against individuals that committed crimes at any point. Even smaller charges, after background checks, may affect your ability to obtain a position taking care of children based on your potential employer’s feelings toward your actions.

In any case dealing with criminal activity, you want to speak with an experienced attorney about reducing your charges, so that your career does not see negative repercussions.


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